Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mechanical Crochet

Its not as scary as it sounds! Most of my crafting is inspired by things that I can find in the shops for Harry. For his 3rd birthday I wanted to get a robot based toy - he likes a robot. I could not find a stuffed robot for love nor money so once again out came the (Crochet) needles and the yarn and George the Robot was born. (Harry named him not me.)


  1. Cool robot!
    you might want to enable follow by email - it's under the list of gadgets - for keeping your followers informed of new posts. Blogger has some very powerful tools [and it took me a couple of months to find my way around them lol!]
    I have an overflow of fabric more than wool.... though I do get given wool too! my husband is however very tolerant and even more so since I did random patchwork curtains and with the extra layer the temperature rose.

  2. Why didn't I know you had a blog... or a twitter? I'm following you like a stalker now...